Tips to Make Your Site Stand Out

if your website isn't mobile-friendly easy to navigate regularly updated and professionally designed you're losing money right now this is web design  tips to make sure your site stands out in your industry number one mobile friendly and fully responsive search engine algorithms are ever-changing and more demanding and since April of 2015

Google has started burying websites and search results that don't display properly on mobile devices so if your website is not mobile-friendly that's costing you money new clients and web traffic, in a nutshell, your website needs to be designed in a way that everything will function well and look great regardless of the device that your customers use to access the site if it isn't mobile-friendly what are you waiting for

number two easy to navigate and intuitive design for a website to be the most effective it needs to be easy for your customers to know how to buy your products or services if the information you want them to know isn't easy to find you're losing potential customers and sales your website should be simple streamlined and results-driven with a very clear call to action when thinking about your call to action ask yourself the question what do I want my customer to do next

number three regularly updated customers today want to know more than just what product or service you are offering they want to know you they want to see the behind the scenes of their favorite businesses your customers want to understand how those products or services are created and who they're supporting with their purchase there are several effective ways to stay in contact with your customers and even send special offers or event announcements blogs mailing lists and various web and smartphone applications are often free or inexpensive and give you direct access to your customer this is one way that you can avoid constantly needing to buy ads through Facebook or Google.

if you'd like to steer clear of high advertising costs in number four designed by professionals you have one chance to make a first impression think of your websites like your storefront or your house on the web the look and feel of your website communicates how invested you are in your business and your customer professional design creates a strong foundation for your brand that you will constantly be built upon and you want to make sure that foundation is built by people who know what they're doing ultimately when you bring in a professional creative agency it makes you more money and you'll feel better about your brand too if the way your site looks doesn't fill you with confidence there's no way to be sure that it will do the same for your customers when you feel great about your site your brand and the way it all looks together your confidence source and your sales can as well so just to recap if you want your website to stand out in 2019 it needs to be mobile-friendly easy to navigate.

regularly updated and designed by professionals if your website doesn't have all four of these very important elements you're leaving money on the table losing potential customers and losing web traffic but don't worry we can help our team of creative professionals is the solution you've been looking for contact us today at Reformation designs com to schedule your complimentary website evaluation Reformation designs is an internationally trusted full-service creative agency based in Salem Oregon contact dust at Reformation designs calm or reformed designs.

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