Web Design Tips For eCommerce Stores

today I'm talking about website design tips for e-commerce stores now recently I discovered a muffin company that makes the most amazing bran muffins with big chunks of fruit and nuts and chocolate chunks and all kinds of stuff in them and they are amazing I tried a few different flavors in a sample box and totally fell in love whether you eat them hot or cold they're packed with flavor and totally delicious.

now we go on a lot of road trips and pack all of our own food, in fact, the last road trip we went on was nine days long and that's three meals a day so we packed 27 meals on our road trip all with no cooking, we cook them all in advance and we eat right out of the back of the car now I thought these muffins would be perfect for our road tripping so a week before our Spring Break trip I went to their website and tried to place an order being the key my buying experience was horrendous the site is difficult to use I couldn't view all the products at once or school scroll through all the products it was really hard to find what I was looking for it was hard to find the information I needed like whether a certain flavor had dairy in it or not and all of the products in this store are displayed in carousels or sliders that automatically advance so I would be in the middle of trying to read about one and then it would move and it was so incredibly frustrating the entire time I was shopping as a designer I was thinking this is a horrible experience and I'm thinking it's got to turn off a lot of customers but then my experience got even worse I went to go check out and I couldn't find a local shipping option and there were shipping options that were acronyms and I didn't know what they meant and it didn't make sense.

and I had to reach out and ask for help now you think I would learn my lesson and not ordered from them again but those muffins are really good so before our next trip I went back to their website to place another order now the good thing was I was prepared for how terrible the experience was and I knew exactly where to go to get the muffin flavors that I wanted but the bad thing was that the local shipping option they had explained to me the first time was now missing from the website it was gone I had to reach out and contact them again and they told me oh we're sorry our sites broke we'll fix it and then they told me it was fixed and told me to try again and I tried again and it was still broken and then for five days nobody responded to my request I was trying to give them money and nobody responded and eventually I gave up I abandoned my cart still totally irritated and frankly the shopping experience was so bad that I don't know if I'm gonna ever buy from them again ecommerce store design matters what I wish they understood is that design matters whether your ecommerce store is little or big it's based in WordPress or it's on an all-in-one platform ecommerce store design is a critical part of the conversion process and bad design can take your sales to drive away future sales hurt your brand and negatively affect the long-term success of your store think of the last time you bought something online from a brand that you loved you probably didn't even notice the design because good design doesn't get in the way bad design causes friction confusion and irritation which results in abandoned carts and lost sales but good design showcases the products making them the star of the experience and the center of attention

good design works to make the shopping experience an easy smooth obvious experience now what you need to understand is that eCommerce store design isn't just about how the website looks but how it works and how the user moves from page to page step by step through the buying process a successful eCommerce store merges the design with the strategy and the technical engineering to create a simple smooth shopping experience now eCommerce design is all about putting your buyers

first to ensure that they can find what they need to fill their cart easily checkout as effortlessly and as quickly as possible

we're gonna cover eCommerce web design tips to help make your next project a success and if you want to learn more about each one of these options you can check out the rest of this blog post and read on up about it yourself so let's get to it tip

use simple and obvious navigation clear is always better than clever to make the search bar easy to find search is the way that people are finding things if you're hesitant to add a search bar right you know to smack dab in the middle the front of your site or you're hesitant to make it, you know really obvious look at Amazon has more money and runs more tests than almost any other website that there is and their search box is front and center on every page also ask a teenager somebody in their 20s devise something online they don't search around or if they need to find an app on their phone they don't scroll to the next screen to find the app they go right to the search and they use the search to find what they need

make your search results filterable if you've got a lot of products to help people narrow down and refine that search by giving them options to filter the search similarly give them ways to undo the filtering in case they click the wrong thing don't make them start over but let them change the filters so they can change up the results that they're getting

make the shopping cart easily accessible if it's hard to find the shopping cart it's gonna be hard to check out if it's hard to edit things in the shopping cart people are gonna give up so make that shopping cart as easy to find as possible

move those social icons down to the footer' people expect to see those in the footer you don't want them in the header or the sidebar or somewhere too prominent because let me ask you one question if somebody comes to your eCommerce store and they're only gonna do one thing wouldn't you rather have them buy something from you then leave your site go to Facebook get distracted and then forget they were on your website I think the answer is that you'd rather have them buy something.

de-emphasized your newsletter signup there's a time and place to push the sign up for your email newsletter but on an eCommerce store the priority is purchase move that email signup down to the bottom or in the footer and then ask for it and prompt it later maybe use an exit pop-up as they're leaving or ask during checkout if they'd also like to receive your email newsletter.

display products all on one page when people come to your website and they're searching for products or they're searching for something give them the opportunity to look at all the products on one page don't put them in a carousel or a slider or make it difficult don't limit the number of products to like six when you've got a hundred that they need to go through so you also want to think about giving them options maybe you can let them choose to show twenty products per page fifty products per page or a hundred products per page on that same note.

ditch the sliders and the carousels sliders are a result of a lack of clarity a lack of decision-making and a lack of leadership on the project they happen when designers give up and clients can't make their minds make up their minds and too many stakeholders have a say and nobody can agree on anything doesn't do sliders it's difficult to see your products it's hard for people to compare products back and forth it's confusing and people forget what they saw and then they have to go back it's just a mess don't do it.

give people the opportunity to save items in their cart I can't tell you how many times I've been shopping online and I get interrupted by you know kids or errand or a meeting or phone call or something else that has to be done and I have to stop what I'm doing and then come back to finish my purchase later it is such a wonderful experience to come back the next day or even a couple days later and still have the items that I worked to find in my cart so all I have to do is check out ten use quality photography matters almost more than anything else when we're looking at products you cannot underestimate the importance of photography really good photos are gonna attract more attention they are gonna better represent your brand and the better those product photographs are the better your products are going to sell and the more money you're going to make you want to also tip

provide multiple photos right it's not enough to just have great photos but show your product from different angles show it from the front or the back show the top show the bottom give them different ways to see your product if there are critical details that people need to see when they're trying to make a decision show a close-up of that detail if there are certain ways that your product is used show it in context so they can see it in use.

consider adding a video to your product page on your eCommerce store I show your product being used by someone else or show a video demo so people can see your product being used.

stick to one action color trains your visitors to recognize when it's time to take action make all of your links your buttons and your calls to action the same color and make it that action color.

don't hide administrative content people are gonna look for your contact information your privacy policy your refund policy they are gonna look for your terms and conditions your shipping policies make those things easy to find people expect to see them in the footer when they're looking for them make sure those links are there for them to access

don't make people register I know that it's tempting to get people to register for an account but don't make it a requirement for checkout right give them the option if they want to register and create an account they can or they can check out as a guest and skip that
whole option

include reviews make a big difference some people are hesitant to add reviews because they're afraid of negative reviews but there have been studies shown that actually prove that negative reviews also increase purchase rates because if you only have positive reviews then people kind of question if some of them are fake having a negative review in their one legitimizes all the rest of your reviews but - it also makes people think like well this is as bad as it's gonna get like that's not bad I'm gonna go ahead and purchase it anyway so go ahead and add those reviews because they do help the very first thing most people do when they're buying online is they make sure the products what they want and then they look for the reviews to see what other people say.

make stuff out of stock items obvious that are out of stock don't make somebody clicks to an individual product page select their size or the color they want to read the reviews and then find out that something is out of stock if you've got products that are out of stock change up the design on that main product page so people can tell they're out of stock early .

shows multiple checkout buttons sometimes those product pages when you take into account you know the photos the details manufacturers specification reviews if you add a video those pages can get pretty long so show a checkout button at the top and the bottom of the page.

make your eCommerce site lightning-fast speed

matter people don't want to wait for your page to load for your product images to load or for your checkout to load you need your site to work lightning-fast the faster it is the more sales you're going to make so the easiest way to do that is to invest in really good high-quality web hosting for example if you are hosting a WooCommerce site you owe it to yourself to look at liquid webs managed WooCommerce hosting you also want to be starved Mart smart about the plugins that you use and you want to make sure that all the images you're adding are optimized for web they are the right size for your theme design and they are optimized so they load as quickly as

keep that design simple and clean your customers should notice your products not the design the website design for some of the most successful e-commerce sites on the web are actually really simple and they let the product photography do the selling instead of the design at every stage of the buying process you need to be evaluating what is on the page and getting rid of all the distractions possible streamline that experience keep it simple keep it clean.

add reviews to your checkout page this might not be right for everyone but it might be right for you, you want to boost some sales if you're seeing some cart abandonment consider adding reviews or testimonials to that cart page to reinforce at the last minute that buying from you is a really great decision 20 to communicate your shipping fees early don't surprise online shoppers with shipping fees at checkout set the precedent upfront right give them the shipping information if you offer free shipping if it's paid to ship if they have to buy a certain amount or spend a certain amount to get free shipping to explain what that is upfront and give your users the opportunity to type in their zip code and see what shipping is going to cost before they spend tons of time shopping and filling up their cart on your web site the last thing you want to do is waste their time.

make sure you're using the proper tags for SEO your eCommerce store needs to use the right tags for better search engine optimization so you show up more often when people are searching for the things that you're selling for example on your product pages the single h1 should be the name of the product then sub-headlines that are in the description could be set as the h2 or on a category page the name of a product category is the h1 and then each of the products listed in that category should be set as an h2 tip.

use crystal clear product titles don't get fancy with your product titles keep it clear specific and obvious and if the item that you're selling has a part number or a manufacturer number include that in the title because chances are if people are looking for that product they're gonna type in that product number or manufacturer number and they're gonna see what comes up in the search results

use really helpful informative product descriptions when riding your product descriptions you need to include all the manufacturer details and the features but more importantly you need to include the information that people are looking for for example if you're selling a t-shirt let them know if it might shrink in the first wash or if it's already pre-shrunk let them know if it runs small and they need to go up a couple of sizes or if it runs big and they need to size one down.

number 26 showcase your top-selling items when you're evaluating an e-commerce WordPress theme or a plug-in or an all-in-one platform or you're considering hiring a designer or developer to build you a custom theme you want to make sure that you consider the ability to showcase or feature specific products, for example, you might want to highlight your most popular products at the top or you're most profitable products at the top or maybe you want to showcase seasonal products different products based on the season you might want to feature specific partner products or products that are on sale 

ad trust seals when it comes to trust seals and security seals there's a survey by E consultancy that found that 48% of potential shoppers said that if they see those trust symbols on a site that they are more likely to purchase from that website shoppers might not understand what all those see those seals mean but they know that it makes them feel better and they feel more confident about their purchase.

you need to make sure that your eCommerce store is mobile-friendly as the designer who designs and works on websites daily it's hard to imagine that people build websites that aren't responsive these days but if they do write well responsive design might have been optional five years ago it's not optional anymore and it hasn't been for a little while and we're not talking about just mobile-friendly from a design perspective but we're looking at being mobile-friendly in terms of design in terms of function and in terms of payment right we're looking at payment opt is 8 optimization on mobile devices as more and more people are paying for things and buying online from their mobile phones so you need to make sure your eCommerce store is optimized for things like PayPal OneTouch or digital wallets like Apple pay or Amazon pay the eCommerce design bottom line is that poor design and a frustrating shopping experience will alienate customers harm  your brand and cause a decrease in sales but if you have a smart strategy great design and meticulous engineering

eCommerce store owners can ensure that making a purchase is easy and fast and as a result there'll be fewer support inquiries fewer returns happier satisfied clients and that means that you're gonna have more sales and bigger profits and who doesn't want that thanks so much for being here and until next time have a great day. 

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