Tips for Web & Mobile App Design

tips to keep in mind when you're doing web and mobile app design the first one would be to be mindful of the battery the functionality and design of an app are going to affect the device's battery life any unnecessary bells and whistles are in an app or just going to interfere with how long the battery lasts and if there are too many they will actively eat into the battery life

designers have to understand that they are that they must strike the perfect balance between functionality and limited battery life another tip would be to plan for the offline experience

think of how the app will work offline know the user when a designer of an app or a website you know how the users in mind that means you will need to understand the demographics that you are targeting and their needs being empathetic towards your users will take more than just analyzing statistical data it's going to require that you know the people that use your site or use your app the less you will need to speak with them and watch them as they use your products as well as using the product for yourself how about clear exceptions when a user interacts with a site or an app there are consequences clicking on a button that should mean good mean that they are spending money whenever there are consequences it leads to anxiety thus ensure that your users know what happens if you click a button one way you could do this is by using well understood symbols for instance use a trash symbol for delete and additionally use the colors such as green which indicate go anticipate mistakes people make errors but they should not have to suffer with them or for them I should say especially when using your site or you can either prevent mistakes or come up with ways to fix them if they occur

an example of mistake prevention is a button that remains inactive unless a user completes a particular action there is also the use of pop-ups which are just which are designed to remind users not to make certain mistakes however errors will occur when they do occur have an error message that explains to the user the mistake they made and how to rectify it another tip would be to provide feedback fast when a site or an app users need to know that their action is acknowledged for instance when they press a button it could glow a different color or a thumbs-up could appear in the digital world designers to make the mistake of failing to provide enough feedback they ensure they assume that users understand the site or as well you know as well as they do however any feedback you provide needs to be fast another way to provide feedback is with a progress bar when an action may take longer the progress bar helps to make it seem as though it takes less time element placement and size matter when designing remembers that the closer and bigger something is the easier it will be to reach to be to reach it with a cursor thus you must ensure that buttons and other clickable elements are big enough to be seen if there's not enough spacing between these items it could cause people to click the wrong one another tip would be to use a readable font when creating an app or site ensure that the font is large enough and the font style is easy to read the font should be as huge as possible without losing balance just because it has an art theme does not mean that the font should be fancy with so many font styles it can be tempting to experiment with all of them especially if you are a beginner pick the main feature a major fault that designers make is trying to fit everything on one screen it applies in particular one designing apps the app needs to have a primary function be clear in your mind with what the purpose will be and work towards making it a reality do not present users of your app with auctions and hope that they choose the main one instead guide them through the experience if if you have other features consider creating a separate app for them and the last tip is to make it compatible with many devices most people access apps or websites across a wide range of devices they could do it on the web with a smartphone or on a tablet what whatever device they use you need to have them covered besides that it needs to offer the same level of functionality on all platforms so just other things you know that designers need to watch out for are the use of great images efficiency and simplicity just to mention a couple and that's pretty much all I have on this. 

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